About me

I am a feminist and decolonial researcher interested in the intersection between peacebuilding, decoloniality, feminism and technology

I currently work as Country Director of Cosas de Mujeres, a feminist data project that builds bridges between women vulnerable to gender-based violence and the services available to them. I also have worked on the implementation of Colombia’s Peace Agreement, doing social research, helping to design and implement gender public policies in municipalities affected by the armed conflict, coordinating the communications of Rodeemos el Diálogo, and supporting the negotiation of the SDGs and Fourth Commission matters at the United Nations headquarters in New York. I am passionate about decoloniality and the culture of dialogue to solve conflicts and structural inequalities in my country and the world, and to build sustainable alliances between two or more different parties.

If you want to know more, write me to lucia@lucitable.com

I studied an MA in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy at Goldsmiths University of London, sponsored by the Chevening Scholarship.
I graduated with two bachelors from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia: Languages and Cultural Studies, and Political Science. I also hold a minor in Journalism.


  • Qualitative research
  • Non-violent communication
  • Strategic alliances (sectors: public-private-academia-international-NGOs)
  • Project management


  • Reincorporation
  • Culture of dialogue
  • Gender equality
  • Peacebuilding
  • Decoloniality

I have been working on reincorporation since 2017; initially making the work of the ex-combatants in the ZVTNs visible to civil society, then bringing foreign tourists to ETCRs, now making strategic alliances with the private and international sectors to strengthen their processes.
With Rodeemos el Diálogo I have given peace workshops in public schools in Bogotá and I set up their fundraising and project management strategies. I also coordinate their communications team and help with the publication of Snapshots with the developments of reincorporation.
With USAID’s Regional Governance Activity, I travelled across the country designing gender public policies in a participatory way, strengthening the internal processes of 40 mayors’ offices, and advising civil society organisations to formulate and implement social projects.
I did my internship at the Colombian Mission to the UN in New York, where I supported the negotiation of the Fourth Commission and Social Development issues and the presentation of the peace process to the Security Council.
I have done qualitative research with Jaime Arteaga y Asociados by doing ethnographies to design the relationship strategy of BIOS group and to give recommendations for a mining formalisation public policy, and with Fundación Ideas para la Paz to generate alerts of non-compliance of the peace agreement. I have also used various participatory methodologies for information gathering, co-creation and innovation.
I am a very good facilitator of spaces for dialogue, whether between a few or many actors, with a diversity of positions and opinions. Also in virtuality, I have held spaces of over 100 people, as here in the Laboratories of Co-creation of pedagogical tools of the Truth Commission.

Academic publications and presentations

La ‘necrocolonialidad’ del asesinato de líderes sociales en Colombia.
Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Congress.
Virtual, 2020

‘Culture of dialogue’ as a decolonial peacebuilding tool: the case of Colombia.
Journal of Dialogue Studies #7. p. 93-114.
Londres: Institute of Dialogue Studies, 2019

The culture of dialogue experience in Colombia
Chevening Talks: Dialogue in the Digital Age.
Londres, 2019

Enunciaciones peatonales del turista perdido.
Arriba/Abajo: Catorce prácticas para acercarse a un paradigma. Documento CESO 212 compilado por Alessandra Merlo. p. 33 – 37.
Bogotá: Ediciones Uniandes, 2014.

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